Úvodní stránka | Ferdinand Vanek Award 2015 | Strange Times, Strange Love, Strange Lives | Strange Times, Strange Love, Strange Lives - excerpt

Strange Times, Strange Love, Strange Lives - excerpt

Dark.  Dark lasts for a long time, then:

Voices:  Hey, listen. What? Embarassing, right. What is? That nothing happens here. So much happening everywhere else… Be glad.

Light. Four actors enter, sit down by the table and drink coffee, talking about what they have been doing today.  Then they put on helmets, pull out guns and while shouting "allah akbar" they run away. Sounds of gun fire.

Fairy tale 1.
Grandson: Grandma, tell me what it used to be like before.
Grandma: Oh, my boy, once upon a time it used to be good. We all had jobs. Everybody had a place to live. There were no poor, no rich. We were all even.
Grandson:  Meaning no one had a shit?
Grandma: No, one had exactly what one needed. On May Day, we formed a parade and waved to ours on the grandstand. They gave us parade wands decorated with Picasso´s peace doves. At those times, peace was everywhere since everybody was afraid of us.
Grandson: Us?
Grandma: We had nuclear bombs, my boy.  Good ones, too, from Russia. Everybody thought twice before pulling our leg.
Grandson: We were not part of NATO then?
Grandma: NATO was our biggest enemy then! We, the camp of socialism, were part of the Warsaw Pact. We had the biggest number of tanks in the world!
Grandson: Is it true that Czechoslovakia was surrounded by an electric fence?
Grandma: So that capitalists wouldn´t attack us from outside.
Grandson: And were you able to travel?
Grandma: Of course! Together with your granddad we visited Kiev, we used to go to Budapest, to Bucurest…
Grandson: Did you go to a seaside?
Grandma: Lake Balaton was enough for us.  But the state took a good care of us, young married couple always got an apartment, a loan, and if they had a baby, they got more money. We enjoyed free vacation in Tatras and at the Domaša Dam Lake. My God, we had so much fun in the tent! We cooked instant soups on a spirit cooker, and your granddady´s glasses fell in the pot! Oh no, you can´t experience that today, my poor child. What´s the hurry, what are you up to?
Grandson: Oh, just a school trip to Paris. The whole day on the bus, you know, terribly boring. By the way, you wouldn´t have 10 EUR, would you, grandma?

Flagellants 1.
The group of flagellants crosses the stage, reciting.
I´ve never been better than today/ Still like a dog I howl and complain

Spam 1.
My name is Doris Atta. I dying woman who decided to donate which I have for good work of love. This email I send to you because I am 63 years and  I diagnose on cancer in breast. Please you pray que la My God will forgive me my sins. I decide to donate 6.400.000 dollars so that for your good work  Lord aussi support widows and mothers unhappy. At this moment I no take telephone call. With you I will contact on email, I do not want my man or somebody know, relationships, because they are around all the time. With hello, lady Doris Atta.

translated by Blanka Křivánková




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