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BANKRUPTCY and Other Plays About Politics

In 2003 theatre magazine Svet a divadlo decided to approach selected playwrights and ask them to write short “plays about politics”, where “politics” was meant in its wider (not necessary topical or satirical, but “polis” or society oriented) meaning. 
At the end dozen authors responded to our call. It was Christian Lollike from Denmark; Vít Peřina, René Levínský and Jiří Pokorný from Czech Republic; Viliam Klimáček, Anton Medowits and Zuza Ferenczová from Slovakia; Michał Wałczak, Julie Holewińska and Małgorzata Sikorska-Misczuk from Poland and Csaba Székely and Zoltán Egressy from Hungary. (For full content of the anthology see below.) Except for few exceptions are their plays fresh new and written especially for this occasion. All the text were translated to Czech and published in anthology named Bancruptcy and other plays about politics (Bankrot a další hry o politice), which Svet a divadlo issued as “special issue” of its 24th volume.

Christian LOLLIKE: Bankruptcy (monologue of a farmer)
Vít PEŘINA: Members of Parliament Visiting ZOO (puppet miniature for 203 puppets and traditional little family puppet theatre)
Vít PEŘINA: Parliament Sub-committee for Cosmonautics
Viliam KLIMÁČEK: SADO (Love in Europe)
Julia HOLEWIŃSKA: Balloon Revolution (monodrama)
Csaba SZÉKELY: Roundabout
René LEVÍNSKÝ: Skiff (attempt at “Vaněk play”)
Małgorzata SIKORSKA-MISCZUK: A Country, From Where Escaped Citizen’s Hearts and Left Letters
Anton MEDOWITS: Badmouths
Jiří POKORNÝ: See You In Africa
Michał WAŁCZAK: Mimesis
Zuza FERENCZOVÁ: 5 seconds, 5 centimetres
Zoltán EGRÉSSY: Catch a Luck By the Toe