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Plays with politics 2015 - the project

PLAYS WITH POLITICS – 2015 – project
Svět a divadlo decided to publish new anthology of short political plays in 2015. This time with stronger representation of authors from Visegrad countries. It is so, because we believe that more or less common history, but often so different present times, might be inspirational both for the playwrights and their readers or audience. The texts will be again written exclusively for the occasion.
We will again cooperate with our foreign partners, with which we are going to consult the selection of the authors. Our goal is not to decide from one centre and chose authors that are well known, but thanks to the partners who are much thoroughly familiar with respective theatre culture chose names which are (mainly abroad) yet to be well known.
We are again going to leave definition of “politics” as wide as possible and give maximum freedom to the authors. We believe that thanks to that we are to assemble interestingly varied anthology, which will be comprehensible by what is common, and attractive by what is different.
Thanks to consent of Mrs Havlova we will again award Ferdinand Vanek Award.
Members of international jury will be Mr. Paul Wilson, Mr. Milan Lasica and Mrs. Krystyna Krauze.

Main difference compared to year 2013 is the way the anthology and performances based on it will be presented. After all text are collected, Svet a divadlo will prepare their detailed synopses in English, which we will provide to the project partners and publish on this website. Partners will then – all by their own decision and according to their needs – chose one or more texts and present them on the stage either in the form rehearsed reading or regular performance.

Our partners in the project are:
Dejvické divadlo, Prague – www.dejvickedivadlo.cz
Divadelné sdruženie GUnaGU, Bratislava – www.gunagu.sk
Teatr Powszechny w Warszawe – www.powszechny.com
Stúdio “K” Alapítvány – www.studiokszinhaz.hu
Színházi Kritikusok Cehe – http://kritikusceh.wordpress.com