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Csaba Székely

They Are Animals

Csaba Székely

(Ezek állatok)


     A Camel, an Ostrich, an Antelope, and a Fox talk in the desert about old times and agree that everything was better before. Today they do not interest anyone and there is no one they could be afraid of. Even the safari trips avoid them and no one – neither the people, nor the animals – hunt them. They have no goal. They are bored with democracy, freedom, and equality.They need a strong leader, who would show them the way, guide them out of the “hopeless prosperity”. The Fox proclaims himself to be the ideal ruler. The others disagree because the Fox is only a country bumpkin. They need a ruler from abroad. They decide to send a bird to distribute the leaflets advertising for a ruler.
     All the animals sit again in the desert, facing the Lion cub, who says that he is a king. The animals interview him. He promises that under his rule everyone will get what they deserve. Everyone likes that, with the exception of the Fox, who would like to hear also the other candidate, the Vulture. The others refuse and proclaim the Lion cub the king. The king announces that he is going to get some sleep and orders the Fox to fan him.
     The Lion cub sends the animals to fetch food for him and for the Fox, whom he appointed the Minister of the Ministerial Ministry. The Camel, the Ostrich, and the Antelope have a discussion about the fact that before everything was better.  They do not manage to get the food. The Lion cub asks the Fox to execute the Antelope. Afterwards, he sends the Fox to prison for one week because he was cheeky and tried to bargain with him.
     The Camel and the Ostrich complain that earlier everything was better. They are considering what to do. The Camel suggests a coup. Then he admits that it was Fox’s idea, but he is in prison now. He has only one condition – that he would rule the country – as an emperor.
     The Ostrich warns the Lion cub that the Camel and the Fox are planning a coup. The Lion cub goes to the Fox, who is not behind the bars – because there was not enough money for them – but is sitting on a stone. The Fox tells him that the Camel and the Ostrich are planning a coup. They would come at night to save him because they think they will incriminate him in the coup. The Fox suggests to the Lion cub that he should get into a sack, from which he could listen to the conversation. The Lion cub gets into the sack. The Ostrich and the Camel come and together they beat the Lion cub to death in the sack.
The Camel and the Ostrich bow to the newly crowned emperor the Fox. The Camel is promoted to Duke and the Ostrich to Archduke. The first order is to fetch food. The Ostrich and the Camel argue with each other about whose title is more important. Then they come to the conclusion that if they overthrow the Fox, they won’t have to fight with each other. They want to tempt him into the sack, just as they did with the Lion cub.
     The Ostrich tempts the Camel into the sack to take a look at the caught Fox. The Camel gets killed. The hungry Fox falls asleep and at the end of his powers the Ostrich hits him with a stone. He is too tired. His head sinks. The Vulture is circling in the sky.


They Are Animals - excerpt


Csaba Székely - about the author




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