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The Position - extract

In front of the door. He is looking for the keys.
She: If you think that I would be excited about it, you are wrong. If you think that I would admire how big it is, how nice and new, you are wrong. You know my opinion, you know what I think about all this.
He: I am so annoyed by all this. I am fucking annoyed by listening to this.
     Could you please stop it?
     Could you just fucking stop it?
(He opens the door. Eva is coming.)
Eva: Good morning.
     I am sorry to bother you. My name is Eva Storvang.
He: Hello.
Eva: Well… we need to know your opinion.

In front of the door. He is looking for the keys.
She: I’ve left my bag in the car.
He: Oh.
She: I’ve left my bag there.
     Could you please fetch it?
He: Now I am coming in and then I am going to look around our new house. I’ve been looking forward to it.
And then, later, we will go back to the car. And take your bag.
He opens the door.

He opens the door. Both of them enter.

He: Well.
(Pause. She starts to push him towards the sofa. She lies down.)
She: Like this.
He: Like this?
(Somebody knocks on the door.)
She: Don’t open.
     Let them knock.
He: Shouldn’t I open?
(Knocking continues.)
She: Like this.
     Take me. I’m yours.
     Do whatever you like.
     Take me. I want it.
     Let’s have it over.
He: Let’s have it over?
(His phone rings.)
     What do you mean, let’s have it over?
     What do you mean by that?
(He picks up the phone.) Hello? (…) Yes. (…) No, they won’t get the money. (…) Yes. Bye.
     Terrible woman.