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A Breathing Exercise - extract

(A half-empty restaurant, there is only a group of people with two children at the next table, probably a family celebration: the children are chasing each other around the restaurant, one of them falls, hurts himself and starts to cry loudly.)
Mother of the boy: (does not move from her seat) Gosha, come on! Come here! Get up! Stop screaming!
Father of the boy: Could you move your fucking ass and go to him!
Mother of the boy: It’s nothing. He will get up alone. (to the boy) Don’t scream, Gosha, and come here! It will heal up in no time.
Somebody from the group: Look, he might be bleeding…
Father of the boy: (gets up, goes to the child, lifts him up from the floor, looks at his face) Fuck… (to his wife) Will you at least fetch the tissues?!
Mother of the boy:  You go and fetch it yourself, why always should I?
Father of the boy: For fucksake, can’t you move your fucking ass?! The kid is bleeding!
(The father of the boy runs to the mother, grips her by the collar and drags her out from the table.)
Father of the boy: Don’t piss me off and go to the kid!
Mother of the boy: Don’t touch me!
(They start to fight, the child stops crying and watches with interest how his parents fight. Dima and Tanya also watch the scene and they cannot believe their eyes.)
Tanya: It seems that we do not need to go for something hot after all.
Dima: Well…
(A waiter comes to their table.)
Waiter: It’s okay, don’t get alarmed. They will calm down. What will you have?
Tanya: Hmmmm… Is this common here?
Waiter: I told you they’ll calm down. You see it for the first time? As people say – make up sex is the best, isn’t it?