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a slow noise of a new people at breakfast buffet - extract

today I’ve been honoured
by a banquet
so many saxophone tones
in front of this monument so majestic
and water cascades in the background
I can appreciate it
very much
please find the appropriate passages in the text
so we could begin
the offer is certainly very plentiful
I have the honour today to ensure the sustainability
of the carefree journey
and to direct all operations
from accommodation and transport
to catering and vitality
but also health and mobility
all this can be summarized in slogans
the most exclusive hotels
the most romantic restaurants
the most tasty cocktails
the best shopping tips
the longest introductory get-togethers
the most adventurous experiences
and, ladies and gentlemen
what I am talking about here is the feeling of happiness, adrenalin, and a slight loss of control

time flies, cold calm, dust falling from the sky through the air soaked with biting frost, it covers everything, eyes are glued, fingers stiffened, a ferocious battle over space in heart atriums, I ask myself, when will the Earth fall into icily cold universe, I ask, what begins, how it begins
in the city outskirts the future shone bright, when we didn’t have weights tight to our feet, when we knew how to laugh, pupils were wide, lids eager, nostrils open, lips restless, in a drop of blood in the corner of the mouth we were tasting the morning dawn, after every sudden crush

I’ll hunt
things I’ll catch
I’ll catch them for myself one by one

I am just asking, if I shouldn’t start myself.
I’d begin and talk into our common social space.
I will tell the participants of the journey that I will say a few words to them.
and I will talk about our noble continent.
about a continent that includes the most beautiful and most cultured areas of the world.
which has the advantage of a stable mild climate.
which is the home of all great motherly and fatherly nations of the world.
here we have the sources of faith and ethics.
here spurt pools of lava.
pools of lava created from the molten rock of almost all cultures, art, philosophy, and science of both antiquity and modernity.