Artur Pałyga


Artur Pałyga


2m, 2w, dancers

     Politician Stefan rushes to the government session when he encounters Head - an old woman sticking out of the hole in the street. 
     At first he tries to avoid her, but then he gets involved in conversation (partly since he is afraid that there might be a hidden camera nearby). Supposedly, the desolate-looking woman has already been in the hole for a long time. Apart from complaining about an ingratitude of her offsprings, society and horrible life in general, her main worry is whether the bottle of vodka in her bag stayed unbroken. At first she gets little empathy from an evidently Neo-Liberal politician Stefan, although he decides to help her in the end („Even politicians are humans, remember that.") However, he is unable to pull her out of the hole on his own without hurting her (plus she smells awfully). Luckily, Man-Horse walks by (he even neighs here and there), allegedly a former member of the government, who decided to make it big in a literature world. Now he walks around, telling interesting facts to everyone he meets („Did you know that a Japanese judoist inflicted hernia on himself?"). He offers help, but at first he stings Stefan for some money to buy a new bottle of vodka and something to eat.
     To Politician surprise, Man-Horse returns with his buy, accompanied by Aneta, modern young woman to whom the world of politics is utterly alien, and who feels sick just while listening to an account of Stefan´s interests. In the end, Man-Horse together with Aneta persuade Stefan that there is no need to pull Head out. It would be just a single act of help, after which nobody - especially not Stefan - would care anymore. It is much better idea to keep her company in her misery. Accompanied by music from Aneta´s mobile phone and with help of the new bottle of vodka, a small street party gets started, topped by Man-Horse´s recitation of his almost Dadaist poem called The Return of Gods (complemented by performance of dancers descending by ropes).