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Michał Walczak - about the author

Michał Walczak
A playwright and director. Already as a grammar school student he won the second place in a literary competition with his short story The Tempest. Since then he likes participating and winning in competitions: in a competition called Looking for Polish Shakespeare 2000 his play Unknown was awarded. One year later he received a prize for his play The Sandpit in competition We – On the Threshold of the New Millennium. He is the recipient of several national and international awards.
After majoring in direction, he focuses mainly on writing and directing. More than 30 of his plays have been performed so far, including commissions, such as his plays The Mine or  A Man with God in his Wardrobe, or plays for children Sad Queen, The Last Daddy, or Janosik, A True Story. Central to his work are the plays based on his own life experience – The Sandpit, The Journey into the Room, For the First Time, Poor Me, The Bitch and her New Buddy, Hangover, The Moose Hunt, The Amazon.
Together with Rafał Rutkowski he created a one-man show No Country for Tall People, and he is the author and director of cabaret series Fire in a Brothel.
Nowadays he is the most performed Polish playwright in the Czech Republic. His plays were translated into English, Belarussian, French, Dutch, Italian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, German, Russian, Slovak, and Ukrainian. The World and Theatre Magazine published his plays The Journey into the Room, The Moose Hunt, several scenes from Fire in a Brothel, and a translation of the newspaper column Is Kamil in Danger of Becoming an Alcoholic?, (adapted for the cultural context of Brno)from Walczak’s column Dark Sides of Theatre, which is published regularly in the magazine Teatr.