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A Girl with the Pope - extract

She: Václav, it’s not your child, I deceived you. I deceived you in everything.
He: It doesn’t matter, Anděla, we must forgive each other.  We must start again. I also didn’t tell you about Louisa, I didn’t tell you that I had bought the flat in a brothel, where I used to go, where she burnt to death and now you have dreams about her. I didn’t tell you that you are the heroine that I write about, a character that I just imagine, whom I met at casting.
She: The most important thing for you now is that you go on writing. When you finish, you will get everything out of yourself, everything will pass and we will be fine. You should write systematically, every day. It is important that you finish the novel now, when you were fired from the TV series. We need money for our child, for our real life. There is no other way to do it or everything remains just a mere sketch.
He: Do you think we’ll manage it? After all we’ve been through, after all the emotions – there might be love between us. Real love.
She: If we get the blessing – yes. That’s my condition.
He: But who should give us blessing? Who should put us together if we do not manage it ourselves?
She: A saint. Love must be related to something beyond us, above us. Something sacred.
He: Where should I find such a saint for you in this city? In which church? In the saloon of the brothel?
She: We must purify ourselves, confess our guilt, recover and go on living. Without that we won’t have good life. We will live in a lie. In dirt.
He: I didn’t know that you were so devout.
She: Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. We will be happy.
He: Who is it in our bathroom and flushing the toilet?
Pope: God bless you!
He: Who’s that?
She: Can’t you see? Kneel down, it’s the Pope.