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eWAT I. (December 2012)

documentary and political theatre in the czech way

Martin Porubjak: Czech Cardboard Heroes

Standa Has a Problem etc. & My Country, 2006
“It is the year 2006 and the votes in Italy are still being counted…“

Ester Žantovská: Rightists, Leftists, Masochists And The Romani
Confessions of a Masochist & The Blonde She-beast & Marina´s Thirtieth Love & She Grazed Horses on a Balcony, 2011
"The call for original political satire on Czech theatre stages was answered by the Prague Divadlo Letí with the production of Roman Sikora’s play Confessions of a Masochist…“

Lenka Dombrovská: The Myth of National Character
Gottland, 2011
“What are the Czechs like?…“

Lenka Dombrovská: On Anti-Communist Resistance - a radical approach
The Czech War, 2011
"Playwright and director Miroslav Bambušek is one of the most ‚socially committed‘ Czech theatre makers…"

Vladimír Mikulka: Massacres and Masturbations
Europeana, 2011
"Ten years ago Patrik Ouředník won the hearts of the Czech readers with a thin book, which at first sight resembles swotty school notes by a secondary school pupil, who despite being very meticulous, is completely unable of distinguishing what he heard at school from the things he saw in some trashy TV quiz…”

Karel Král: Everything is Greased, Idiots!
Ivánek, my Friend, Can we Talk? or Would You Believe That Shit & Kristýnka or the Blonde She-beast & The Blonde She-beast II – The Beast Returns the Blow, 2005-2012
“In the fall of 2005 one theatrical production in the Czech lands was experiencing great success…“

Jakub Škorpil: Against Everyone or a Pissed Off Manifest
Political Cabaret or Grab that Shit!, 2011
“The show Political Cabaret or Grab that Shit! in the multicultural artistic centre MeetFactory in Prague was originally designed as a purely democratic project…”



Martin Porubjak
Czech Cardboard Heroes
Vladimír Mikulka
Massacres and Masturbations