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eWAT II. (June 2013)

documentary and political theatre in the world

Natálie Preslová: Politics à la French
Sarkozy and Mitterand
Nervous René & Adagio
“In 2011 two important theatres in Paris - Théâtre du Rond-Point and Théâtre de l’Odéon – presented two productions dealing with specific political topics represented by the characters of two French presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and François Mitterand.“

Andrea Rádai: The Challenges of Reality
Hungarian theatre Versus the conservative revolution
While to the four corners of the earth artists complain that culture and especially the performing arts are moving more and more to the periphery, in today’s Hungary there is a lively debate about what good/national theatre is/should be like.”

Jakub Škorpil: The Attempt
The Attempt - to find spirituality
„Director Blaho Uhlár has managed to become a legend (or enfant terrible) of contemporary Slovak theatre already during his lifetime – predominantly thanks to Theatre Stoka, which he founded in 1991 with the visual artist Miloš Karásek.“

Martina Černá: Political Theatre Not Only for Aneversary Purposes 
Pararevolution in Latin America
Apolita, Luis Antônio Gabriela & The Cracking of the Fire
“I walk out on the street and feel the icy July wind on my face.”

Karel Král: Politicians Need The Shock of Their Lives To Start Feeling Sorry
documentary theatre – The Divadelná Nitra Sample
Open for everything, X millimeters out Y kilometers, Tomorrow‘s Parties, Poverty, The more of us there are…, The Clouds, It's going to get worse and worse…, Two in Your House & Anamnesis
“Let me start with a joke: Lenin shaves his face with a razor, when a child appears in front of him and greets him: Good morning, comrade Lenin. Lenin replies: Get out, you stinking bastard! This shows that Vladimir Ilyiich was a humanitarian, as he could have easily butchered the child.”

Paweł Sztarbowski: Close to Reality
„Polish documentary theatre has been mainly influenced by the verbatim method. Yet, the inspiration does not come from Great Britain /although Pawel Demirski participated in the Royal Court Theatre Writers’ Programme/ but from the productions of the Moscow Teatr.doc.“

Tereza Krčálová: Exploring The Civic Position
Teatr.doc up to date
Hour 18, BerlusPutin, Chamsud. The Sequel & The Case of My Friend
Since its foundation in 2002 the Moscow theatre Teatr.doc evolved from an originally purely underground company experimenting with new methods of playwriting into a well respected stable ´address´".


Jakub Škorpil
The Attempt
Paweł Sztarbowski
Close To Reality