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eWAT III. (December 2014)

Theatrical Deviations in Czech Lands

Natálie Preslová: Waiting For Golem
“The Golem project of the recent DAMU graduates, Ivo Kristián Kubák and Marie Nováková, which we had the opportunity to see (or in fact to participate in) in September 2013 in a villa on the Prague Štvanice island, became one of the noticeable events of the upcoming autumn.”

Vladimír Mikulka: Between Theatre and Themselves
(Spitfire Company Plays about Beer and Prawns)
Prawns á la Indigo & Antiwords
“Spitfire Company’s production Prawns á la Indigo begins even before the actual theatre performance starts. While the audience are sitting down in their seats, on stage there are technicians and actors in costumes crossing the acting area, smoking, re-arranging small bits and pieces of the scenery, trying to strike a pose, greeting their friends among the audience, some of them even walk down from the stage to the still lit-up auditorium.”

Karel Král: Say Something, You Hideous Ghost!
(Boca Handa Jedefrau)
Say Something & Mission
The production group Jedefrau.org /Maria Cavina and Kristýna Kalivodová/ was set up in 2007 and currently manages two major flagships of Czech alternative theatre: Boca Loca Lab and Handa Gote Research & Development. A fondness for foreign idioms is evident here – the German Every Woman is the producer of the Spanish Crazy Mouth and the Japanese Soldering Iron.

Blanka Křivánková: On the Dark Side of the Mountain
Faith & 4.48 Psychosis
“Two productions dealing with the topic of suicide, were presented in the first half of 2014, by theatres focused on contemporary dance and physical theatre. Both productions are the work of mainly female creative teams and they both incorporate autobiographical material.”

Radka Kunderová: Seeking a New Theatricality
(Lucia Repašská at the D’Epog Theatre)
Heteronym Nin, Di_sein, Crim Garden, Ninivea, 121 &
Almost every generation brings a new theatre, but few want to reform theatre as radically as Lucia Repašská and her actors at the D’Epog Theatre of Brno.”

Marie Zdeňková: Waiting for the Spring
(Handa Gote research&development and Pasi Mäkelä)
The Rite of Spring
We cannot really say to what extent the artists behind the 1913 pre-war spring Paris world premiere of Le Sacre du Printemps /the original title of The Rite of Spring/ awaited a scandal. Because that is what followed and it was no little matter.”

Michal Zahálka: …and Even the Light Disappeared
(Abstraction, Absurdity, Adámek)
Open List
“If you are writing about Open List, you can say in the very beginning that this production is in many ways so abstract that the review is thus an irretrievably lost attempt at transferring the experience of the audience, both visual and aural, into a written form.”

Jakub Škorpil: Second City II.
Second City
"As a project Second City; being a combination of a site specific show, a happening and an intervention into a public space (where it is clear that all these terms mingle), represents nothing new among the productions of Vosto5 theatre."

Šárka Mattová: Traditional Theatre and an Experiment in Open Space
Judgment Day & Against progress. Against Love. Against Democracy
Site-specific – a term which works like a magnet. Uniqueness bound to a specific place, with part of the magic being grounded in publicity: proportionally to artistic ambitions and promotion, spectator´s expectations rise.”


Natálie Preslová
Waiting For Golem
Marie Zdeňková
Waiting For the Spring
Jakub Škorpil
Second City II.