Przemysław Pilarski


Przemysław Pilarski


2m, 2w

Pilarsky’s play takes place “in the future, in a forest, in western border region of Great Poland”. From a few hints it might be inferred that western Europe probably collapsed and Poland is now facing an emigration wave (especially from Germany). Small guerrilla or partisan groups operate in forests, they are formed by people who revolt against “the system” of the apparently fascist – as they call it – government of Great Poland. They seem to be hiding mostly to stay out of things rather than to organize resistance. Nevertheless, they are armed.  We meet one of these groups (formed only by He and She) in a moment when they encounter a refugee called only New. After a while it turns out that she is not a common refugee from the disrupted Stuttgart, but that she has a secret mission regarding a mysterious captive, whom the partisans imprisoned in a cage. The captive is probably a former high German politician the New is supposed to pick up and lead him to a given meeting place. After a couple of peripeties, she succeeds (with the help of He, who falls in love with her) and partisan She ends up locked up in the cage.
Pilarski’s text is characterized by fragmentary composition, which offers only just glimpses of the events, and modern, short-spoken language, which from time to time breaks from the slightly stylized colloquial vocabulary to free verse.