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Guerrilla - extract

New: And who’s there… in the cage?
He: A devil. Don’t look in his eyes.
She: You are forbidden to go near the cage.
     And you mustn’t leave the camp.
New: The camp…?
He: Can you see the meadow? Well.

New: Are you the partisans…?
She: There would first have to be an uprising if we were partisans, right?
     There would have to be an uprising first, but there won’t be any uprising because people don’t give a shit.
     We are not protesting. We just have different opinion than the majority.
He: And we are just hiding with it.
     With our opinion.
     In the forest.
     That’s all.
New: You are armed, you have a camp and one prisoner.
He: From now on we have two prisoners.
     But sorry, we won’t introduce you to each other.
New: You are the partisans.
He: We are a group a young revolutionaries, engaged intellectuals, we are the act of resistance against the system, we are characterized by determination and will to act. We spend most of the time on the Internet, it is the main focus of our activity. As for our goals and opinions, we don’t like fascists in general.
New: Are there more of you?
     Are you some, I don’t know, a division?
She: You have too many questions.
He: The weapon is for defence, not for attack. The camp is here for survival.
New: And the prisoner?
He: The prisoner is a mystery.
She: The prisoner is a secret.