Ferdinand Vanek Award 2017 > March Away from Mars!
Csaba Székely

March Away from Mars!

Csaba Székely

(Mars innen!)

4m, 3w

The President of Mars, Pixar, has a problem. Her approval ratings is declining because the people started to mind that she is the sister of the biggest Mafia boss on Mars, Baxbere. Her main advisor Traxtor offers a solution: to give the people a common enemy they could hate. And because they hate many things, the only one left are the terrestrials, who more and more often retreat to Mars with the vision of a peaceful and unspoilt planet. In order to make the hate against the terrestrials more alluring, from now on they will be called hominids and a media campaign will commence. If only Traxtor did not have to postpone his long-planned family holiday.  In the middle of an argument with his wife Xarana, a couple of terrestrial refugees appears at their bunker – Juozapas and pregnant Maria. Despite Traxtor’s protests, Xarana decides to hide them over night, given the freezing Mars weather. In the morning the President, excited about the rising ratings, issues an order, in which she announces that anyone who would be hiding hominids, will be prosecuted. She also promises to finally pay a long-postponed visit to her advisor. Traxtor runs back home to get rid of the immigrants, but is met by Mafia boss Brabex, who came to claim some debts. A violent conflict arises and is finally resolved by the terrestrial Juozapas, who kills Braxbere. Pixar arrives with gifts: gold (to pay the debt to her brother), incense, and myrrh. There is a scream from the garage – Maria gave birth. The President finds the body of the killed Braxbere. Xarana and Traxtor must also become refugees and they hope to find “some planet where they would be welcomed.