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March Away from Mars - extract

Traxtor: As the main advisor of the president I suggest we get the trust of the Martians back.
Pixar: Ok. But how?
Traxtor: At first we find out why the support of the Martians declined in our province.
Pixar: It’s because it turned out that my brother is in Mafia. On top of that, I illegally helped him to obtain real estate and enormous landed estate on Mars.
Traxtor: That’s right. But, the solution is easy: it is necessary to divert the attention of the Martians from this issue.
Pixar: Ok. But how?
Traxtor: Generally speaking, the Martians want to trust their government, after all they elected their representatives themselves. They would like to like their representatives. For this sympathy not to be threatened, we must quickly provoke hate in them against somebody who is not like us.
Pixar: But against who? They already hate everybody who is not like us. Martians from the neighbouring provinces, guest workers, Xixans, Free Masons, the entire Martian federation… and since the terrestrial started flying here, they hate them too.
Traxtor: I think there is still a lot of unused potential with the terrestrials, Madam President.
Pixar: Do you think so?
Traxtor: Of course. We need a scandal that would divert the attention from your Mafia business. I think we can manage to provoke violent clashes between the terrestrials and the Martians.
Pixar: Ok. But how?
Traxtor: There are dangerous subversive persons among the terrestrials. Once they commit something, we announce in the media that all of them are the same, and we will encourage the Martians to defend themselves. We won’t have to wait long for the first lynching.
Pixar: The trouble is that the Martians do not like to hurt others.
Traxtor: We will sort this out. Instead of terrestrials, we will call them hominids. It makes the impression that they are some kind of worms. Who wouldn’t like to crush a worm?
Pixar: All right. Thank you, Traxtor, it sounds good. Tomorrow you will begin to work on the new media plan and the campaign strategy.