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Anton Medowits - about the author

Anton Medowits
A dramatist with this pseudonym has been living in western Slovakia for over 40 years.
He was born there, attended basic school, grammar school and university there.
He also served his compulsory military service there.
He founded his first theatre there and wrote his first texts for it.
There he started with theatre improvisation and performed in this style for 15 years.
There he was also writing short and longer plays scripts for Slovak radio.
There he twice made it to the finals of the competition Short Story.
There he published two collections of poems, some of which have already became popular, some of them will in the future.
There he worked as a dramaturge, co-author and sound engineer for an important amateur theatre in Trnava.
There he co-wrote two theatre plays, the second one won the main award in the competition Drama. Despite not learning how to sing nor play the guitar well, he co-founded a relatively well-known band there, in which he sings and plays the guitar.
There he translated poems by several Hungarian authors into Slovak, despite not knowing Hungarian.
There he still hasn’t finished his first novel, because again and again there is an opportunity to try out something new he hasn’t tried before.
Sometimes he is fed up with everything there and therefore he leaves western Slovakia from time to time.