Anton Medowits

The Treasure

Anton Medowits

An allegorical misanthropy in verse

3m, 1w

A simple play in verse by Anton Medowits brings two action comedy heroes Simon and Mathew into a lobby of an unspecified Slovak “national institution”. Together with them there is also a local Clerk and a Granny, who came all the way across Slovakia to ask for a gift she donated 20 years ago to the collection for Slovak National Treasure. Her leg hurts and if she sold the golden teeth she donated, she would be able to buy a trip to Lourdes. The Clerk tells her off by saying that no gifts are returned. When Simon and Mathew support her, it turns out that according to recent inventorying, most of the gold is gone. As Simon is about to attack the clerk, a group of nationalistic “Nazis” enters the lobby. The Clerk immediately accuses Simon and Mathew of trying to steal the treasure. A fight breaks out, in the style of action comedy, and the two film heroes win of course. The Granny changes her plans in the last minute and decides to join the two beefcakes on their trip to Riviera instead of going to Lourdes.