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The Treasure - extract

Nazi: Kill him!
Mathew: No shit!
(A fight breaks out, at the end of which Simon and Mathew stand calmly in the centre of the lobby, all around them are scattered the bodies of the unconscious Nazis. The Clerk watches the scene helplessly. Suddenly he starts to declare in a pathetic voice.)
Clerk: A nation massacred,
     will rise again…
Granny: … and lets its own
     golden treasure to be plundered?
     Shame on you, bastards!
     Normally I don’t speak like that…
     I would also join the two
     If my legs were healthy!
(Simon lifts Granny gently in his arms.)
Simon: Don’t overstrain your voice,
     Let them be, Granny,
     I will carry you in my arms
     To the end of the world